UI & UX Design

Software Next Door provides cutting edge UI/UX solutions by partnering with Square 2, a leading San Francisco based UI design firm. The two firms complement the other, to provide customers with leading edge and high-quality solutions.

The Business Challenge

Businesses only have a few seconds to catch people’s attention before they abandon an app or website, and the bar has been raised in terms of what users expect. User interface (UI) design and user experience (UX) design that delivers user satisfaction and engagement plays a critical role in business success. Experts know design trends and patterns, while also staying aware of technological feasibility.

The Technology Solution

Software applications today must be designed and built out with a solid mobile strategy. Software Next Door can deliver a mobile app in native iOS and Android versions and a companion Web site for cross-platform solutions.

The Business Benefits

  • A seamless use experience across devices.
  • An exceptional and attractive UI/UX in web and mobile apps.
  • UI/UX design so users engage and come back and check the apps repeatedly.

Case Study

A new prescription for efficiency and productivity

A high quality and attractive UI/UX in web and mobile apps is a critical factor in providing user satisfaction and pleasure. It is an essential requirement for having users come back and check those apps over and over again. To achieve the above-mentioned goal, software solutions must have a professional graphics design that makes the UI user friendly and attractive, and must show the right information at the right time so users will be interested in not leaving the apps unattended. Software Next Door and Square 2 partner and complement each other’s skills to provide users with cut-edge UI/UX for web and mobile tailored CMS solutions. Square2 is a leading Silicon Valley UI/UX design firm and Software Next Door is expert in implementing leading UI/UX design concepts in web and mobile applications.
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