Enterprise Software

Software Next Door has the experience, tools, technologies and software engineering expertise to develop cutting-edge enterprise software applications, either by delivering innovative software solutions from scratch or by modernizing existing legacy applications.

The Business Challenge

All businesses require reliable enterprise software solutions to support a diversity of operations. Those solutions need to scale, be maintainable and integrate seamlessly with other enterprise applications.

The Technology Solution

Enterprise software solutions should be developed either by creating innovative software solutions from scratch or by modernizing existing legacy applications,  incorporating advanced technology where and when needed.

The Business Benefits

  • Optimized business development
  • Enhanced maintenance
  • More efficient future development

Case Study

A new prescription for efficiency and productivity

This prominent health care organization’s growth, and its never-ending quest for distinction necessitated a significant technology refresh, specifically a new application platform and accompanying applications. Software Next Door was brought on board to help roll out the new technology based on Salesforce’s Lightning Platform. Working together, the internal IT team and Software Next Door engineers solved issues integrating the Lightning Platform applications with both existing on-premise systems and new projects. The projects selected for implementation using the Lightning Platform were all strategic to ongoing research, teaching and patient care activities, and improved this leading health care organization’s collaborative efforts and overall productivity.
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