Mobile Apps

Software Next Door has extensive experience in designing and creating native mobile apps, as well as injecting mobile app functionality into a wide range of enterprise software solutions.

The Business Challenge

As smartphones and tablets supplement and replace desktops and laptops, users expect to have more and more functionality in their portable devices.

The Technology Solution

Software applications today must be designed and built out with a solid mobile strategy. Software Next Door can deliver a mobile app in native iOS and Android versions and a companion Web site for cross-platform solutions.

The Business Benefits

  • Increase direct communication and engagement with clients.
  • Improve efficiency of teams with tools to work anytime and anywhere and improve inter-team collaboration.
  • Save time for Field teams with mobile app tools for call notes and data input at customer locations.
  • Provide leadership with analytics-based and data-infused business intelligence.

Case Study

A new prescription for efficiency and productivity

Digital Concepts Inc., a well-known engineering company decided to develop devices to measure the chemical composition of swimming pools and SPAs. The objective was to deliver devices which would permit individual home owners to determine the right amount of chemicals to keep the water clean and in balance, and then to put the required chemicals into the swimming pools and SPAs.  To make the devices usable by individual homeowners, Digital Concepts  needed a mobile app, and also required a web application which could update the mobile app at any time with different configurations.  Software Next Door delivered the mobile app in native iOS and Android versions, and the companion Web site for this solution.  Digital Concepts deployed these solutions to homeowners, and experienced a very positive reaction in the marketplace.
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