Our Cybersecurity services cover a review of all IT infrastructure, assets and information such as the Cloud, network, operating systems, databases, applications, firewalls and devices, helping clients to create and design comprehensive security policies and plans that include vulnerability and risk management.

The Business Challenge

Hackers exploit Cybersecurity weaknesses by prioritizing their attacks to identify and target the lowest hanging fruit for the shortest path to success. Since the techniques of hackers have become quite sophisticated, the paradigm of “Trust but Verify” has shifted to a “Never Trust, Always Verify, Always Validate Privilege” approach to access, from inside and outside the network.

The Technology Solution

Our Cybersecurity consultants have expertise as members of a CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) to mitigate the effects of security incidents when they occur, taking action to identify the causes of an incident and restoring and protecting affected systems and networks.

The Business Benefits

  • Solutions that mitigate the impact of security incidents.
  • Ability to identify the root causes of security incidents.
  • Build rapid and responsive capabilities to restore and protect affected systems and networks.
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