Communication Solutions

Partnering with Twilio’s communication platform Software Next Door provides high quality VoIP connectivity at very attractive pricing. The platform is designed to permit easily, and without capital expenditure write offs, user communication technology upgrades where appropriate to take advantage of the latest developments in communication technology.

The Business Challenge

Running a business in today’s global economy means making sure you have reliable and secure communication service for phone, SMS and other messaging in place at all times, and that you are taking advantage of the latest communication technology.

The Technology Solution

Partnering with Twilio, which is one of the leading VoIP carriers worldwide, Software Next Door has built a development team focused on creating VoIP solutions for a variety of customers that use as their CRM for managing prospects and clients. Twilio offers significantly lower cost running directly over an Internet connection, which is already in place.

The Business Benefits

  • Scalable and secure cloud communication platform that enables you to engage customers across channels - video, chat, voice, and SMS.
  • Instant technology updates.
  • Use-based pricing, pay only for what you use.

Case Study

A new prescription for efficiency and productivity

Software Next Door developed a key communication solution ( for State of New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions (“NMDWS”).  NMDWS is a trend setter among the fifty agencies throughout the United States managing employment compensation claims. NMDWS needed to implement a new communication system for managing these claims. The replacement communication system had to interoperate with Salesforce’s Service Cloud and provide robust conference call capability, in terms of holding and recording conference calls, as well as storing and retrieving a wide array of information from the conference calls in Salesforce.Software Next Door was able to quickly implement a new VoIP communication solution at an attractive cost, providing the functionality needed by NMDWS. The final outcome was a comprehensive, scalable, secure solution for NMDWS’ telecommunication needs, one that could be easily and at minimum cost be upgraded over time to take advantage of new information requirements and new communications technologies.
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