Advisory Board

Fernando Balderas

Fernando brings more than 20 years of simulation software design technology and service experience to the Company, particularly in product and process development. He is the founder and owner of GrupoSSC, the leading company in Mexico and Central America in this field. GrupoSSC represents ANSYS, Inc. and DassaultSystems software and through this relationship services customers across a wide range of industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Machinery, Oil and Gas. Clients include GE, Whirlpool, Mabe, Schneider Electric, Delphi, CEMEX, Honeywell, Sony, Chrysler, GM, Fiat, Kostal, Bombardier and PEMEX. Successful projects undertaken by GrupoSSC include the structural design of the Minneapolis Light Train for Bombardier and the design of the 500,000 barrel oil-water separation tanks for PEMEX. Fernando is also the founder of Instituto TechnologicoSSC, a private educational institution that offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Mechanical Engineering. Fernando consults for the State of Guanajuato, Mexico, in its work to attract foreign businesses to the State, and he has a strong network of key leaders in both business and academia throughout Mexico. He is a graduate of the Universidad de Guanajuato in engineering.


Jeanie Bunker

Jeanie Bunker has more than 25 years of multi-channel global marketing experience, including mobile commerce, digital marketing and e-commerce. She is known for leveraging business intelligence as the foundation of a data driven marketing capability, and is recognized as one of the leading executives in this area. Recently she served as a consultant to BevMo!, heading up e-commerce and mobile commerce. She has also served as VP of Marketing at BusyLife Software, VP of Sales & Marketing at Monsoon Commerce and General Manager of Alibris Retail Marketplace. Previously, Jeanie led global marketing teams at Bank of America, E*TRADE, Yahoo!, Wells Fargo and Alibris. She has a proven ability to design and execute multi-channel and multi-stage sales and marketing programs across diverse product lines to drive customer acquisition, development, and loyalty. Over the years, she has leveraged complex database marketing systems to improve channel performance and spend optimization. Jeanie is a member of the Think Tank group. She has a BA in History/Philosophy from Colorado College and an MS from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, with a concentration in International Finance.


Jesus Casillas

Jesus has over 25 years experience in software development as a software engineer, as a software manager, and as a senior executive. He is experienced with both the Mexican and U.S. software industries and his resume and accomplishments place him among the top players in Mexico’s software industry. Jesus holds a B.S. in Physics and a M.S. in Computer Science from UNAM. He graduated with the highest honors, obtaining the Gabino Barreda medal for academic excellence. More recently, he was founder and CEO of Sigma Tao, a software services company located in Queretaro, Mexico. Under his leadership, the company grew to 600 employees, $30 million in revenue and achieved the Capability Maturity Model Integrated CMMI level 5, from Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute. Jesus was also CEO for Eidon Software, a Carlos Slim software company, with over 1,500 software engineers and $100 million revenue. He has held senior level positions at Syndetic Technology, CNIC, SHL SystemHouse and Telmex. Mr. Casillas is currently launching a business startup offering SAAS applications to provide e-Commerce solutions for small businesses in Mexico and Latin America.


Vinay Nulkar, Co-founder

Vinay brings more than 20 years of software development experience to Software Next Door. His experience includes the management of medium and large offshore software development teams, in India, China, Eastern Europe and Mexico, and the specification, design and implementation of large-scale enterprise software products. Vinay has been the principal architect for numerous commercially-available software products during his 15 years operating an outsourcing consulting business. His clients include Nortel, SGI, Vantive, Clarify, SAP, Becton & Dickinson and Sun Microsystems. While at Polivec, an enterprise compliance provider, he was instrumental in re-organizing a large software development group in Shanghai, and integrating it with a local development team. At Atrenta, a company in the Electronic Design Automation space, he developed a methodology to enable rapid prototyping and development between a group based in India and customers based in the US. Nortel contracted Vinay to integrate a CRM product with SAP, which he completed by leading a team consisting of consultants from Deloitte and Price Waterhouse. At SGI, he developed an application that enabled intelligent, automated processing and identification of video feeds for the television and broadcast industry. He has also developed software for the world’s leading flow cytometry instrumentation from Becton and Dickinson. Early in his career, Vinay developed the first interactive software used for analyzing certain electrical problems on high frequency printed circuit boards. Mr. Nulkar holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Pune University in India. He also completed a masters degree from Rensselear Polytechnic Institute (RPI) at Troy, NY.


Richard Wellner Jr.

Richard Wellner, Jr. has over 25 years of experience in software development and consulting. He specializes in new approaches to resource use efficiency and in finding large scale computational solutions to business and scientific problems.  As Chief Scientist at Univa he was responsible for the flagship cloud product from both a technical and customer needs and usage perspective.  He has also consulted to Fermilab, Argonne National Lab, University of Chicago and Harvard in the development of cloud software in pursuit of deeper understanding of the universe in which we live.  Mr. Wellner brings over a decade of expert advice in cloud computing to Software Next Door, gained from implementing large projects and collaborating with IT executives and software architects and engineers around the world.

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