New Thinking about Outsourced Software Development

Outsourcing Software Development to Mexico.For many years the scarcity of skilled personnel able to complete projects with superior results and in a timely manner, and the requirement to expand and reduce team sizes based on workload, made relying exclusively on internal teams unrealistic for many organizations. Companies would need to supplement their in-house staff, often with outsourced developers. In the last few years, the frustration and stress of dealing with an ever-changing cast of characters halfway across the globe in drastically different time zones and escalating wages has left many organizations determined to bring software development and implementation services closer to home.

It was in this context that the founders of Software Next Door, seasoned Silicon Valley executives, listened to their U.S.-based colleagues complain about their predicament. Upon investigation they found an abundance of superior technical talent available across the border, in Mexico, at a substantially lower cost than American software engineers and consultants. Software Next Door was founded based on the principle that superior outsourced software development services could be provided to U.S. organizations by Mexican engineers and consultants at an attractive cost. Nearshore software development in Mexico offers numerous advantages:

  • A plethora of exceedingly qualified engineering talent.
  • Costs competitive to leading outsourcing locations around the world, and much lower staff turnover.
  • Similar time zones, ease of travel and the lack of any quotas on visas, to and from the U.S. facilitate collaboration.
  • NAFTA provided IP protection.
  • Cultural affinity between Mexico and the U.S. make misunderstanding project requirements rare.

Software Next Door Corporate Headquarters in MexicoSoftware Next Door corporate headquarters is located in the heart of Silicon Valley enabling us to keep a pulse on the latest technology trends. Our engineering team is strategically located in Queretaro, one of the largest IT centers in Mexico, where we can draw from a significant pool of experienced developers as well as fresh graduates from outstanding universities. The city is also close enough to Mexico City, Mexico`s largest IT center, to easily recruit engineers seeking a less congested urban environment for themselves and their families.

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